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Long Distance Movers: Getting An Accurate Moving Quote

When you’re ready to pack up and move across the country or overseas, getting an accurate quote from long distance movers is crucial to budgeting for your relocation. The various costs of moving can quickly add up and you’ll want to compare the available options in order to determine which one is best for you.Know What You Need

Do you want to have long distance movers come to your house and pack everything you own or would you rather save some money by packing up your belongings yourself? There’s a significant cost difference, particularly if you own a lot of fragile or delicate objects that will need to be properly cushioned to avoid breakage. You may save some money by packaging your own items, but keep in mind that you’ll be responsible for items you pack yourself.

Can Your Long Distance Movers Store Your Possessions?

In many situations, your international or overseas relocation could be delayed due to a lack of housing, customs regulations or other issues. If you might need to temporarily store your belongings at the end of your journey, you’ll need to let long distance movers know how long you might need to store your possessions in a storage facility or in containers. Some moving companies will give you up to thirty days storage at no additional cost, while others may charge a nominal fee. For the most part, they can store your belongings for up to ninety days, but the cost may increase incrementally for 30, 60 and 90 days.

Don’t Let Them Guesstimate

Some long distance movers will give you a quote based solely on the information you provide or an assumption of how much furniture the average individual owns. Unfortunately, these estimates are usually quite low and the movers typically revise their estimate once they start packing your belongings. Avoid unexpected increases by having long distance movers come to your house and put together accurate quotes based on what you actually own. Guesstimating the cost of a relocation can lead to unpleasant surprises when you arrive in your new home, so get the estimate in writing after they’ve evaluated your entire house.

To avoid misunderstandings and get the most reliable quote possible for you next move, talk to long distance movers who have years of experience and who are willing to itemize an accurate estimate based on your actual belongings. Simcoe Moving is standing by to give you the most accurate moving estimate in the industry.

Should Your Pet Move Overseas With You? Toronto Moving Companies Weigh In

Toronto moving companies can help you relocate overseas with minimal fuss, but one of the few things they can’t move for you is your pet. If you have a beloved family cat or dog, you know that it can be devastating to have to consider leaving him or her behind. Today’s families are increasingly opting to take animal companions with them when relocating internationally so that they have the comfort of their best friend in their newly adopted country. Toronto moving companies are experienced at packing and relocating entire families, but they can’t relocate animals, so be sure you talk to at least three airlines that are experienced with international animal transfers before proceeding.How Healthy Is The Animal?

Traveling by air or freight is very stressful and your cat or dog won’t understand what’s going on. Be sure that he is in good health and is young enough to weather the travel without complications that could make him or her ill. Talk to your veterinarian; he or she may be able to give your pet a prescription to relax him during the relocation. Most Toronto movers have heard about animals who suffered undue stress during a relocation flight, so give them a complete checkup before sending them overseas.

Consider Cultural Differences

Your black cat may be adorable, but there are some countries where a black cat is considered very bad luck. Be sure to do some research into whether your pet could be the target of suspicion or dislike in your new home. You’ll also need to talk to the consulate of the country you’re relocating to, as some breeds of pets aren’t allowed into some countries at all. A case in point is the American Pit Bull, which is banned in several countries.

Toronto Moving Companies Can Steer You Toward The Right Information

In most cases, the proper contact for finding out about international pet relocation is the Consulate, but you should also talk to Toronto movers in your area. They may be able to steer you toward additional companion animal relocation information that can help you determine whether relocating Fluffy or Rover is feasible or affordable. Simcoe Moving will be glad to help you find the answers to your international relocation questions; Call 1-877-810-1047 to get started.