4 Ways To Maximize Space In Your New (Smaller) Home

Downsizing. It happens. Whether you’re embarking on a new phase as an empty nester, or are simply tired of having so much space (and stuff!), moving to a new, yet smaller, home can be an ideal solution. However, with downsizing comes some specific planning responsibilities for a successful move. Hiring  top moving companies in Barrie is the first tip in getting your downsize endeavor off on the right foot. Professional and experienced top moving companies in Barrie can ensure the items you decide will come with you get there quickly and safely.

Once you’ve hired top moving companies in Barrie, it’s important to follow a few other key steps to ensure you are maximizing efficiency and space in your new, minimalist lifestyle. Optimize your available square footage by:

Digitizing Documents

Are you currently drowning in papers and documents in your current home? It’s common; however, you do have options. Convert all your paper documents to digital format and store them using a secure online storage unit. Not only will you save space in your new home, you’ll also be saving trees.

Doubling Up On Functionality

Use everyday items to also serve as décor in your new home. For example, if you bring a television with you, purchase one that comes in a designer frame so it also looks like a wall hanging when not in use. Or, use colorful kitchen appliances on your counter to add a visual boost when you’re not cooking.

Designing Storage Options

When it comes to smaller living spaces, success often lies in how things are stored. Consider the layout of your new home to design efficient storage solutions to hold (and hide) the things you want to keep, but don’t always need out and visible. Planning on how to store items can keep your home neat and organized, instantly making it feel more spacious.

Doing One Last Purge

Yes, you get rid of a lot of items before contracting top moving companies in Barrie. However, it’s important to do one final purge before moving day. Go through all of your remaining items and determine what you truly need, and what can be donated or recycled. Arriving with only the most important belongings can help you adjust as quickly as possible in your new environment.

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