Before Hiring Long Distance Moving Services: An Overseas Move Timeline

If you’re moving overseas, you know that the few months before can be chaotic and stressful! Eliminate stress by starting the moving process a few months ahead of time. Before you call long distance moving services for help, follow these steps to make your move go smoothly.

Step 1: Have A Garage Sale

Depending on where you’re moving, your home might be significantly smaller than the space you’re used to. Before you plan to have long distance moving services pack up your entire household, take a critical look at your belongings. Will your new home have space for two or three large televisions or your giant dining room table? Chances are good that you’ll need to pare down your household goods quite a bit.

Also, consider the voltage requirements of your new country. The United States and Canada use 110 voltage, but Europe and other parts of the world use 220 voltage. This means that if you try to plug in anything from a hair dryer to a Blu Ray player in an outlet that uses the wrong voltage, you’ll fry your electronics. Many people choose to sell everything and buy new once long distance moving companies deliver their belongings to their new home. Make some money for new electronics and furniture by holding a garage or yard sale before you go.

Step 2: Hire A Storage Unit Before Your Long Distance Moving Services Arrive

If you know that you’re coming back in a few years, it might be cost effective to store large items like washers and dryers, refrigerators and large pieces of furniture. Hire a storage unit for these things, but make sure to do it before your long distance moving companies come to your home — you don’t want there to be any confusion on moving day. Instead, you want your long distance moving services to have the confidence that everything in your home should be packed up for your new destination.

If you’re thinking about moving to a new country and need long distance moving services, give Simcoe Moving a call at 877-810-1047 or visit our website to learn more about how our long distance moving services can help make your move a smooth one.


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