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Spotting Signs That Your Moving Company Is Top-Notch

Moving is tough enough with out worrying that your moving company will damage your belongings or worse, be a no-show on your big day. Find a trusted moving company by looking for a few signs of quality and reliability. Then, you can evaluate your choices to find a trusted moving company in Barrie that will be your partner in getting your new life started.

Your Business Is Valued.

When you call and find yourself on hold, transferred, and then directed to a voicemail system, watch out. Trusted moving companies want to connect with you and answer your questions. Look for a moving company that will respect you. Simcoe Moving has consultants that are ready to work one-to-one to address any concerns or needs. If you partner with Simcoe, they will honor your time.

Service Is A Source Of Pride.

Trusted Barrie moving companies should offer you services that are beyond your expectations. They will want to make sure your experience is relaxed and smooth, so that your move to your new home is seamless. Look for a company that belongs to a network with the reach to get you anywhere without stress. The goals of a trusted company is ensuring your comfort and minimizing any difficulties for you.

Support And Resources To Help.

Professional moving companies in Barrie that you can trust will be prepared to give you assistance, while understanding the process and requirements of your move. You can expect resources and guides to teach you about the business of your move as well as techniques to help you get ready and conduct the move. Trusted moving companies want you to be informed and knowledgeable.

So when you decide to move, Simcoe Moving is ready to connect you with a Moving Services Consultant who will get you started. Learn about the quotes, supplies, and scheduling that comes with a move, and let our trusted Barrie moving company lend you the support to start your new life in your new home. Call 1-877-810-1047, and a consultant will be on the other end of the line to greet you and get you moving.

Hope For The Best, Prepare For The Worst: Cold Weather Residential Moving Tips

Weather is unpredictable, and your moving day may dawn bright, sunny, and moderate. However, it may also be a colder than average day, and your move will be smoother and less stressful if you are prepared for the cold.

It’s best to have a kit ready for the cold weather in case your moving day arrives during winter or an unusually cold day. Simple items that pack down into a bag or that you can discard when the move ends are easy to manage.

Here are some cold weather residential moving tips to create a cold weather kit to keep on hand during your residential move:

  • Keep A Pair Of Work Gloves On-Hand. Make sure you have a good pair of work gloves to protect your hands. Cold hands are easy to injure because muscles and joints stiffen in response to cold, so the gloves will add some warmth and make your grip stronger. Also, cold weather can cause your hands to be less sensitive to feeling, so gloves reduce the risk of cuts or scrapes. Finally, work gloves are easy enough to discard if the weather warms up or the need never arises.
  • Shoes With Sole. Warm weather often encourages light-weight, strappy footwear, but be ready with a work boot or gym shoe for moving day, if the cold weather arrives. The sole will be good for keeping yourself grounded on the pavement, and both types of footwear are worn with socks which will keep you warm. Neither is too bad to wear in warmer weather, so you can get by with these even if the day of your move is sunny and hot.
  • The Magic Of Markers. No, not the kind that you use for coloring, but cones, signs, or other objects that you can use to show the movers where to go. For example, if snow comes, you may need to put down cones, signs or maybe lawn chairs to indicate where your driveway runs or to hold parking for the moving van. Markers are simple supplies you can gather ahead of your residential move, but they may make a difference during cold weather.
  • Windbreaker Weather. Cold weather usually comes with wind, and you should be prepared to keep warm with a wind resistant layer. Don’t pack your winter coat just yet; if you have a coat, keep it ready for moving day. Rain ponchos are good options because they fit over most anything you might wear. Also, keep some tarps available for your furniture. You may need to keep your belongings protected from wind or rain, and you can quickly throw a tarp over boxes or furniture on the way to the truck.

The only constant with weather is its unpredictability, so don’t get caught in the rain unprepared or frozen out by the cold. Pack your cold weather kit for your residential move, and be ready for anything. No matter when you decide to move, let Simcoe Moving to get you there in rain or shine, sleet or snow.

Why You Should Hire Professional Packers And Movers In Barrie

Professional packers and movers in Barrie deliver a wide range of impressive benefits. However, despite the many advantages working with a reputable crew offers, some are still reluctant to hire a company to help with their relocation. Instead, they ask family and friends to literally manage all the heavy lifting of their move, often with disastrous results. Relying on your personal network can mean lack of reliability (no shows), lack of experience (injuries), and lack of insight (your broken stuff). Beyond damaging your belongings, managing your move with friends and family risks damaging your personal relationships. In short, what you think may save you money, can actually prove far more costly than you anticipated.

Teaming With A Professional Moving Company Offers Significant Advantages

If you’re facing an upcoming move, it’s important to know some of the biggest perks of hiring professional packers and movers in Barrie to ensure you make the right decision for your family.

Professional packers and movers in Barrie add value to your move, including:

Major Time And Energy Savings

Moving is a time consuming and energy draining process. A qualified team of professional packers and movers in Barrie will offer skilled and trained workers to manage your job, from start to finish. Their insight and expertise will free up precious time for you to focus on other things.

Protecting Your Belongings

Moving yourself means potentially damaging your items during transit. A professional firm will know how to best pack and transport your belongings to ensure protection throughout the entire process. Not only will they have the insight needed to safely pack your stuff – they will also have all the packing materials you’ll need right onsite for optimal convenience and peace of mind.

Insurance Coverage

Speaking of peace of mind, your professional packers and movers in Barrie will also have sufficient insurance coverage for your entire project. This means, in the even that something should be lost or damaged during your move, you will be fully compensated to replace the item.

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Winter Moving Tips For Relocation Success

As if moving to a new home wasn’t chaotic enough – along comes the cold winter weather to make your relocation even more challenging. If you find yourself in the midst of move during this frigid season, fret not. Knowing a few proven winter moving tips can help you streamline the process and plan for success.

Key winter moving tips include:

Confirm With Your Movers

Winter is actually the off-season for moving companies, so you should have easier access to the moving crew you want, on the date you need. Just be sure to confirm with your movers a week in advance as well as the day before your scheduled move to ensure everything is set to go.

Check The Weather

The weather is the biggest variable in your winter move…and the one thing you’ll have the least control over. However, you’ll still want to keep a steady eye on what’s happening outside when planning your move. If there’s an impending storm on the radar, contact your moving company to make sure there will be no unexpected delays or to discuss if you should consider changing your date entirely.

Protect Your Floors

Even if you don’t move during a storm, the snow that has already fallen can make your relocation messy, wet, and dirty. Protect both your current and future address by covering your floors before the movers arrive. Placing tarps down on the floors can make a major impact on minimizing mess from people tracking in dirt and grime.

Clear The Sidewalks

Nothing ruins a move faster than an injury. Snow and ice on sidewalks and walkways can prove dangerous, both to your movers as well as anyone else helping with your relocation. Clear the walking areas at your current home as well as in front of your new home to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Have Something Warm Waiting

Prepare something in your crockpot the evening before your move that you can plug in as soon as you arrive at your new address. Feeding your family something warm after moving is the perfect way to end your day.

Contact Simcoe Moving & Storage today to hear more about winter moving tips that can make your relocation a success.

How To Hire Quality Household Movers In Barrie

Are you currently looking for reputable household movers in Barrie for your upcoming move? It’s important to choose carefully. Yes, most experienced professional household movers in Barrie offer quality services as well as a strong work ethic. However, there’s always a chance you might get scammed or hire an unprofessional mover. Knowing what to look for when hiring household movers in Barrie can help you ensure you find the right company to entrust with your business and belongings.

When screening moving companies, these are signs that you’ve found a reputable moving company:

Scope Of Move

A quality household mover will take the time to gain a thorough understanding of the scope of your move. Your prospective provider should send an estimator to your property to carefully assess your overall inventory. The estimator will not only assess freestanding items, he/she will also go throughout cabinets, bookcases, and draws for a final estimate that’s based on actual facts.

No Deposit

Be wary of any household mover in Barrie that requires cash a large advance deposit. Paying in advance always increases the risk of your provider not showing up or, worse yet, showing up and taking your belongings. Payment should be rendered once they job has been completed.

Name Changes

Oftentimes, moving companies with a negative reputation stay afloat by changing their business name again and again (and again). Avoid household movers in Barrie that continuously “rebrand.” Any potential company you’re considering should have an established reputation and local address. The company should also hold a valid licenses and current corporate insurance.


You shouldn’t have to take only a mover’s word; a reputable moving firm will have ample references they can provide. Ask for references and then check them. After you’ve conducted your reference checks, take a moment to look online. Online review sites can provide extensive information and posts from previous customers so you know what to expect.


Never agree to anything that isn’t put into writing. A topnotch mover will always provide a written estimate that outlines exactly what you should expect to pay. No estimate, no business. It’s really as simple as that.


Simcoe Moving & Storage stands out form other household movers in Barrie. Contact our team today!

3 Tips To Manage Your Long Distance Move

Moving across town can be a stressful enough situation; however, a long distance move to Barrie brings with it an entirely new level of chaos. Coordinating all the details from far away can be challenging. Go into the process as prepared as possible. Consider these 3 important tips to help you manage your long distance move, minimize stress, and maximize convenience.

Some Important Suggestions Include:

Hire Professional Long Distance Movers In Barrie

The first step in a successful long distance move is to hire professional long distance movers in Barrie. All too often, people facing a long distance move try to go forward without professional help. This can often have disastrous consequences. Reputable long distance movers in Barrie can streamline the entire relocation process for you. You schedule a time for their arrival and they can pretty much take care of the rest. Many people find that hiring long distance movers in Barrie can save them significant stress throughout the process. It also offers peace of mind knowing skilled and experienced movers will handle their items.

Be Mindful When Packing

Moving far away can increase the odds of something unexpected happening with your belongings, making it critical to plan the packing process accordingly. Work with your long distance movers in Barrie to obtain supplies that may be necessary. Blankets, odd-shaped boxes, and bubble wrap are some of the many things you may need to safeguard your items and protect them while they’re in transit to your new address.

Out With The Old

A long distance move is the perfect opportunity to purge anything that you won’t need at your new home. Go through your possessions and put them into three piles: thing you will keep, things you will donate, and things you will recycle. Not only will purging things you no longer need make you feel lighter emotionally, it can also have a significant impact on your wallet as most professional long distances movers in Barrie charge you by weight.

If you’re looking for long distance movers in Barrie, Simcoe Moving & Storage can help. Contact our team today!

Hiring Interstate Movers: What Not To Do

Moving across state lines adds an extra level of stress and anxiety compared to a local move. What is the first step in planning for success? Hiring professional interstate movers. A qualified team of reputable interstate movers can streamline your moving day and ensure that all of your belongings arrive safely.

While interstate movers can significantly de-stress your move as a whole, it’s critical to remember that not all moving companies are created alike. Knowing what not to do when hiring a company can help you find the right vendor.

When Sourcing Interstate Movers, Don’t:

Pay Cash

Always discuss payment terms upfront before hiring a moving company. If cash is your only option, it’s a major red flag that you may be working with a less than reputable firm. Don’t risk giving them your money only to never see your belongings again. Continue your search until you find a team that isn’t afraid to have a paper trail associated with your payment.

Sign A Vague Contract

Yes, you will probably want to sign a contract when hiring interstate movers. However, it’s important to not sign anything that isn’t crystal clear. Ask for clarification and determine if there are any other specific fees you may incur during the move, so you have an understanding of how much your move will cost.

Believe You’re Covered…

Don’t believe you’re truly covered unless it’s written in your contract or you ask. Yes, reputable interstate movers will carry insurance; however, it’s still critical to ask in advance before hiring a potential provider. During the screening process always ask if they have up-to-date insurance coverage, so you have peace of mind that your belongings are covered during your long distance move.

Assume You Won’t Be Outsourced

Many people don’t realize that they are actually dealing with a moving broker who will outsource the project to another firm. Always ask during the screening process if a firm is, in fact, a broker. Legally, the have to divulge if they are going to be the ones managing your move or if they will be passing it on to another firm.

Are you looking for interstate movers in Barrie? We can help. Contact Simcoe Moving today to hear more.

Benefits Of Moving And Storage Companies In Barrie

There’s no getting around – moving is a lot of work. Packing, labeling, transporting, only to unpack once you’ve arrived at your new home. It can be exhausting. Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone (or rely on all your friends and relatives who have better things to do). The best way to minimize the stress and dread of your upcoming move is to hire professional moving and storage companies in Barrie.

Moving And Storage Companies Barrie: Key Advantages

Why should you consider professional moving and storage companies in Barrie? An experienced company that offers both moving and storage can deliver several key advantages to your relocation.

Here are some tips and key advantages to hiring moving and storage companies in Barrie:

Save Money

Most people instantly assume that it will be cheaper to manage their move themselves. However, this isn’t necessarily true. Even if you don’t have to pay professional movers, you will probably have to rent some type of moving truck on moving day. Additionally, trusting your friends and family to move your belongings opens up the risk that someone may break something during transport, leaving you no assurance of replacement. Not the case with a professional mover. A licensed and insured team delivers peace of mind that should anything get damaged, you’re covered.

Save Time

Moving day is time consuming. However, hiring a professional moving company instantly helps minimize how much time you will have to spend relocating all of your belongs. A reputable moving team not only uses experienced movers to expedite the process, they will also provide the very best equipment needed to streamline your entire move from start to finish.

Save Your Back

It’s no secret; moving is physically strenuous. Many people handling their own move actually risk injuring themselves in the process. Moving and storage companies in Barrie eliminate the chance that you may get hurt while getting your belongings to their new home.

Save Your Relationships

Let’s face it – even if you have a crew of family and friends who are willing to help you move, it doesn’t mean that any of them actually want to do it. Using a professional company means you don’t have to ask for their help with moving. Instead, you can save the favor to ask them to help you with the unpacking.


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3 Reasons To Hire Furniture Movers In Barrie

Moving is stressful and time consuming. This is especially true for would-be movers who are dealing with large pieces of furniture. It can be particularly challenging to get everything safely out of your existing home and into your new home. Don’t risk a chaotic moving day into your new home. Partner with professional furniture movers in Barrie to save you precious time and minimize the overall stress of the experience. Professional furniture movers in Barrie offer several key benefits, including:

Equipment: Chances are, you don’t own an industrial-sized moving truck that fits all of your belongings. Professional furniture movers in Barrie do. Beyond the truck, they will also have other gear necessary to coordinate a safe, efficient move of all of your belongings.

Skilled Movers: Moving heavy equipment is hard work. Many people assume that they can manage the process on their own until they realize that the scope is far greater than they had originally anticipated. Worse yet, it’s a far bigger job than what they’ve told their friends and family. You know, the ones they’ve wrangled into the helping them with the move. Working with experienced furniture movers in Barrie eliminates alienating those close to you. A skilled and qualified team of movers will manage all of the heavy lifting for you, so you can save friends and family from the task of unpacking all of your boxes.

Insurance: Most importantly, partnering with reputable furniture movers in Barrie means that you’re project is insured. Managing your mover yourself means you are ultimately responsible for replacing something if it gets broken or damaged in any way during transit. This is a lot of pressure to put on yourself and your inner crew of friends and family. Working with a professional mover eliminates this added stress. Should anything unexpected occur, or your belongings get damaged during the move, you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are covered.

Are you looking for reputable furniture movers in Barrie? Simcoe Moving and Storage can help. Contact us today to hear more.

How To Compare Moving Companies In Barrie

Planning a move in the region starts with finding reputable moving companies in Barrie. Whether you’re moving to a new neighborhood or a new country, finding the right mover can make or break your moving day. Oftentimes, would-be movers only compare one or two moving company quotes in Barrie to another to make a final decision. While pricing is always a major consideration, there are several other factors to consider when comparing movers to entrust with your business. Go beyond the moving company quote in Barrie – enter into the selection process knowing how to do a moving company comparison to pick the right providers for you.

Compare Websites

Start with an online search when comparing various moving companies in Barrie. Does the vendor in question have an updated website? An established web presence can help ensure the company is a viable option for your moving needs and not a fly-by-night organization that may be out of business come moving day. Bonus Tip: While you’re online, take the time to also check out any online reviews available for each individual company. Online reviews are an excellent resource to gather honest feedback from previous customers to determine if a business is professional and reliable.

Compare Service Offerings

Quality moving companies in Barrie will offer a comprehensive range of service capabilities to ensure your move day needs are met. When you contact each company, ask them about their offerings as well as about any unique items you have that may require special attention. Include this in the conversation: discuss the equipment each company has to deliver as part of the services offered.

Compare Moving Labor

Finally, always thoroughly screen and compare each provider. Do they hire their employees directly? Or, do they outsource their labor to contractors? Most importantly, does the company you’re screening provide insurance coverage and workers’ compensation on every job their laborers undertake? Not having insurance and/or workers’ compensation is a definite deal breaker and clear sign you need to continue on with your search for the best moving company in Barrie.


Do you have a move coming up? Simcoe Moving can help. Contact our team today to hear more!