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An International Movers’ Do-It-Yourself Packing Guide

Simcoe Moving has been one of Canada’s most successfully international movers for decades. We dedicate ourselves to protecting our customers’ personal property by carefully packing every item. If you prefer to pack your own belongings before having them shipped overseas, our do-it-yourself packing tips may help:

  • Pack clothing separately from the furniture they’re usually stored in. Use boxes or hang items in wardrobe boxes designed specifically for clothing on hangers. International movers can sell you the appropriate boxes for a nominal fee.
  • Furniture drawers or cabinets should be empty and securely closed to prevent damage.
  • Pack pictures, mirrors or fragile wall art in specially designed picture boxes after wrapping them in bubble wrap.
  • Small appliances can be wrapped in foam or bubble wrap and packed in boxes, but be sure they are packed upright. Label the outside of the box clearly with “This Side Up.”
  • If you’re moving to a foreign country, make sure any large appliances can be used in your new home. International movers sometimes ship appliances overseas that are useless on arrival, and Simcoe Movers doesn’t want to do that.
  • Dismantle bed frames and tape all of the hardware to the frame.
  • Wrap mattresses and box springs in plastic or put them in a soft carton that is securely sealed.
  • Books are heavy; pack them in small groups in small or medium boxes.
  • Lamp shades should be nested inside each other when possible and wrapped in packing paper or a sheet before packing in a box.
  • Use a box specifically designed by international movers for china when packing dishes.
  • Line china boxes with several sheets of packing paper or bubble wrap, then pack each dish individually with 2-3 sheets of paper or a sheet of bubble wrap around each piece. Put heavier items on the bottom and lighter ones on top and add a few layers of paper or bubble wrap on top before closing the box.
  • Label any boxes with delicate items as “FRAGILE” in big, bold letters. International movers recognize this word around the globe.

As international movers, Simcoe Moving successfully packs household goods for relocation across town or around the world. If you aren’t sure how to pack for your international move, call us at 877-810-1047 for a complete packing and moving quote.