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You Can’t Take It With You: What NOT To Pack For Your International Move

At Simcoe Moving, we’ve been packing and moving families internationally for years and we know exactly what you should and shouldn’t pack for any overseas relocation. We’ve put together a quick list of items that you or overseas moving companies in Canada should not pack when you’re preparing to relocate beyond Canada’s borders. You should either dispose of these items, give them away or make arrangements to have the items shipped to you if possible, or have us do the packing for you! As one of the leading moving companies in Canada, we have the experience to properly pack and transport your property. If you do end up doing your own packing, don’t pack the following:

  • Opened containers with liquids of any kind, particularly hazardous liquids such as oil, petrol, bleach, insecticides and antifreeze.
  • Open food items (due to danger of spoilage).
  • Perishable food and any produce items (due to agricultural restrictions).
  • Car batteries Plants of any kind (to avoid spreading plant diseases or insects).
  • Important documents, including deeds, birth certificates and financial documents.
  • Any documentation you may need for customs. Moving companies in Canada suggest that you keep these documents with you at all times.
  • Any luxury goods of high value, including fine jewelry, furs and collectables.
  • Firearms and certain weapons.
  • Aerosols (they could explode in shipment).
  • Fire extinguishers.
  • Prescription medications.
  • Anything illegal.

If you are unsure about a particular item, it’s best to consult with the consulate or embassy of your destination country in order to determine whether it can be shipped. Moving companies in Canada who regularly handle international shipping may also be able to help you.

Simcoe Moving is one of the most experienced international moving companies in Canada; we’ll be happy to help you determine whether an item is safe for moving. To save yourself the extra aggravation, we can also pack your belongings for you so that you don’t have to do it yourself. Our experience packing and moving will make your international relocation easier on you and your family. Call 877-810-1047 or visit us at Simcoe Moving for more valuable moving tips or to get a free quote.