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Moving Companies In Canada Can Help You Relocate To The U.S.

If you’ve been offered a job in the United States or are joining your spouse or family there, the preparations for moving immediately become more complicated. Any time you move from one country to another, you have to make sure you have the right paperwork and know what you can and can’t bring into your new resident country. You and all of your belongings will have to clear customs in the United States, which can be a lengthy, confusing process if you don’t know what to expect. In order to make sure your possessions aren’t held by Customs, keep these tips from moving companies in Canada in mind:Have Your Paperwork Ready

You’ll need to have the appropriate visa if you’re planning on staying for any length of time. You can find out more and apply for a visa at U.S. Immigration. You will also need to prepare paperwork that itemizes all of your packed possessions, including what is inside the boxes used to move your furnishings, personal possessions, etc. Simcoe Moving provides all of the necessary U.S. Customs and Border Protection paperwork to our customers. Your job will be to fill all paperwork out properly and make sure it is available for Customs inspection. Some moving companies in Canada require that you be there for Customs inspections, but we know that you may be busy with your new job or unable to come to the U.S./Canadian border at the right time, so we don’t require it as long as we have all the paperwork necessary.

Know What Is Prohibited

There are many prohibited materials that you can’t bring into the United States from Canada, including protected wildlife, Canadian medication, explosives, ammunition, fireworks, toxic or hazardous substances and more. If you aren’t sure whether an item is prohibited, err on the side of caution and don’t try to cross the border with it. A current list of prohibited items can be found at the U.S. Customs and Border Protection website (

Not all moving companies in Canada are experienced with United States Customs regulations. Simcoe Moving has moved hundreds of customers who have successfully relocated to our southern neighbour. We can help make your move to the U.S. a smooth one.

If you have any questions about your international relocation, call 877-810-1047 or visit our website at Simcoe Moving to learn more about moving across borders.

You Can’t Take It With You: What NOT To Pack For Your International Move

At Simcoe Moving, we’ve been packing and moving families internationally for years and we know exactly what you should and shouldn’t pack for any overseas relocation. We’ve put together a quick list of items that you or overseas moving companies in Canada should not pack when you’re preparing to relocate beyond Canada’s borders. You should either dispose of these items, give them away or make arrangements to have the items shipped to you if possible, or have us do the packing for you! As one of the leading moving companies in Canada, we have the experience to properly pack and transport your property. If you do end up doing your own packing, don’t pack the following:

  • Opened containers with liquids of any kind, particularly hazardous liquids such as oil, petrol, bleach, insecticides and antifreeze.
  • Open food items (due to danger of spoilage).
  • Perishable food and any produce items (due to agricultural restrictions).
  • Car batteries Plants of any kind (to avoid spreading plant diseases or insects).
  • Important documents, including deeds, birth certificates and financial documents.
  • Any documentation you may need for customs. Moving companies in Canada suggest that you keep these documents with you at all times.
  • Any luxury goods of high value, including fine jewelry, furs and collectables.
  • Firearms and certain weapons.
  • Aerosols (they could explode in shipment).
  • Fire extinguishers.
  • Prescription medications.
  • Anything illegal.

If you are unsure about a particular item, it’s best to consult with the consulate or embassy of your destination country in order to determine whether it can be shipped. Moving companies in Canada who regularly handle international shipping may also be able to help you.

Simcoe Moving is one of the most experienced international moving companies in Canada; we’ll be happy to help you determine whether an item is safe for moving. To save yourself the extra aggravation, we can also pack your belongings for you so that you don’t have to do it yourself. Our experience packing and moving will make your international relocation easier on you and your family. Call 877-810-1047 or visit us at Simcoe Moving for more valuable moving tips or to get a free quote.

3 Tips For Successful Overseas Moves From Moving Companies In Canada

Moving overseas can be incredibly stressful! There’s a lot to think about, such as getting important documents, such as birth certificates, passports and visas together, as well as finding a place to live in your new country, buying a vehicle and becoming familiar with the local customs. If you’re using moving companies in Canada to handle packing up your belongings and getting everything to your new home, you’re in luck. These moving companies in Canada, such as Simcoe Moving, will be able to pack up all your belongings and get everything safely to your new home. If you’re facing a big overseas move, use these tips to prepare yourself.Tip #1: Put Certain Items In Storage

Depending on where you’re moving (and if you’re planning on eventually coming back!), you may need to put some items into storage. If you’re moving from North America to Europe, large household appliances such as washers and dryers, refrigerators, televisions and more will run on a different voltage current in your new country. Most people realize that there’s no reason to bring these large appliances and either sell them or place them into storage until they return.

Tip #2: Set Aside Important Documents Or Medications So Your Moving Companies In Canada Won’t Pack Them

Moving companies in Canada will pack everything — the employees cannot make determinations whether you really meant for important documents or prescription medications to be packed. Before you have moving companies in Canada come to pack up your belongings, take the time to set aside documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, and passports and important items such as prescription medications. The last thing you want to do is realize that you’ve made it to your new home, but your medications are still in transit.

Tip #3: Call Your Credit Card Company

Before you get to your new country, call your credit card companies and let them know that you’ll be moving. Calling the company can help your card from becoming flagged as stolen and deactivated when you need it most.

These are only three tips that can help make your move overseas a smooth one. While moving can be a stressful process, it can be made less stressful with just a little preparation.

As one of the premier moving companies in Canada, Simcoe Moving can help with everything from local residential moves to long-distance international moves. If you’re interested in receiving a quote from one of the moving companies in Canada with years of experience, call 877-810-1047.

How A Full Service Moving Company Can Make Long Distance Moving Less Stressful

Long distance moving is stressful! There’s quite a few things to think about, including selling your home or getting a rented home or apartment back into move-in condition, lessening the stress on pets and kids and deciding whether you’re going to ship your car or drive it yourself. That doesn’t even touch one of the most time-consuming parts of long distance moving — the packing! Instead of tackling this all by yourself, consider hiring a full service moving company to make long distance moving easier on your entire family.Reason #1: Long Distance Moving Companies Will Take Care Of Everything

The biggest benefit of using a long distance moving company is that they’ll come in, pack everything and load it onto the truck for you. This includes furniture, clothing, kitchenware and everything in between. They’ll likely wrap mattresses, couches and other furniture items with large sheets of plastic or moving blankets to protect them against dust and dirt and even use special wardrobe boxes so your clothing can go from your old to new closet without a lot of fuss.

Reason #2: Long Distance Moving Companies Will Handle Your Items Carefully

Do you have your grandmother’s china? A prized flat screen television? If you have items that mean a lot to you, point them out to your movers. Although they will take care of all your belongings, they will pack breakables and sentimental items with extra care. This can include using extra packing paper as cushioning for your china and even putting your television in a big crate to protect it further. Because they’re experts, they’ll know just how to protect your prized possessions.

Reason #3: Long Distance Moving Companies Will Dismantle And Rebuild Furniture

It can be a pain to take apart bed frames or other furniture pieces, but even more of a pain to put them together before you can crash for the night in your new home. A long distance moving company will take care of the dismantlement and rebuilding so all you need to do is put on new bed linens before you can get that much needed night’s sleep.

If you’re looking for a long distance moving company with a proven record, call Simcoe Moving. For more information on how Simcoe Moving can make your move a smooth one, call 877-810-1047.

International Movers Suggest Ways to Make Moving Easier on Children

Whether you’ve been offered a career opportunity you can’t pass up or you’ve decided to move your family overseas for the cultural experience, international movers know that it can be difficult for the whole family. Younger members of the family in particular can suffer from stress and apprehension when faced with leaving their home country. Our international movers have put together several tips to make the transition from one culture to another easier for everyone.Kids May Not Want To Move

International moving may seem like a romantic adventure to Mom and Dad, but kids are more likely to think of it as a sentence; they’ll be leaving behind extended family, friends and their routines for an unknown country where they may feel out of place. Acknowledge their sense of loss and let them grieve in their own way. Over time, they’ll become more enthusiastic if you encourage them to research their new home country and share the information with family and friends.

Communication today makes it easy for people to stay in touch around the globe. Investing in a VOIP system that lets family members and friends chat via video, instant messaging and emails is an excellent way to keep in touch.

Make Children Part Of The International Moving Process

As one of the finest international moving companies in Canada, we’ve moved hundreds of families overseas. One common thread running through successful moves is participation in the process. Let your children choose what things are most important to take with them and suggest that they have a yard sale to get rid of items they don’t need. They can then use that money to buy themselves something special in their new home. The more they become part of the process, the less they will feel like the move is beyond their control.

Remember That Pets Are Family

International moving can be difficult for animals, but in many instances a loved family pet can be safely transported overseas. If your children have a dog or cat they’d like to take with them, check with the consulate in your new home country about requirements for vaccinations, health records and any other paperwork well in advance of your move date so you have time to get everything processed. Most airlines offer special pet transport rates for international moving. If you’re going to take your pet, be sure to explain any quarantine restrictions to your children so they aren’t disappointed when they get to their new home and discover that they’ll have to wait a few weeks or months to get their dog or cat.

By acknowledging your children’s fears and addressing them openly, your international moving experience can be a pleasant one.

For moving companies in Canada with years of international moving experience, families turn to Simcoe Moving. Call 877-810-1047 for more information on affordable international movers’ rates.