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Toronto Moving Companies Offer Delayed Deliveries For Overseas Relocation

Moving overseas doesn’t always have to be a rush job. Sometimes you need some additional time at one end of your relocation or the other in order to take care of unresolved issues or learn more about the country you’re moving to.If you’re considering an international relocation, there are several reasons Toronto moving companies now offer delayed delivery when families relocate, including:

• House hunting. When families relocate, it can be difficult to find a house, particularly if you don’t have time to shop around before you move. If you are moving and don’t want to buy a house immediately, Toronto Moving Companies can store your possessions for up to 90 days, giving you plenty of time to compare neighborhoods and check out schools while you stay in temporary housing or an apartment.

• Sightseeing. Toronto moving companies like Simcoe Moving Canada often suggest that you take some time with your family to explore your new country before settling in. If you’re moving to an unfamiliar locale, a few weeks traveling with your kids can give you a new appreciation for your adopted country and give everyone some quality family time before the realities of a new school system, new jobs and a new language set in.

• Stress Free Storage. Some families prefer to unpack only the essentials for the first few months in a new country, giving themselves plenty of time to discover just what they do and don’t need in their new home. This also gives the opportunity to reconsider their relocation without investing in a home and unpacking all of their possessions. As one of the premier Toronto moving companies, we are experienced at packing and storing our clients’ belongings so that you don’t feel rushed when you relocate. We’ll give you the time you need by storing some or all of your possessions for up to ninety days.

Toronto moving companies give you the flexibility of container storage and delayed delivery so that your family can ease into their international relocation. Simcoe Moving offers free estimates for international moving. Call 1-877-810-1047 to request an estimate.