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How Simcoe Moving Gives You An Accurate Moving Company Quote

You may have heard a horror story or two about moving companies that give customers their moving company quote, then charge them substantially more once they arrive at their destination. In some cases, unscrupulous moving companies even hold their customers’ furnishings hostage until the higher price is paid. It’s unfortunate, but it can happen. To protect yourself from this kind of problem, talk to Simcoe Moving. We can clearly provide the cost of all services required in our moving company quote because we take the time to prepare an accurate quote based on all the specific factors required.An In-Home Visit Is A Must

Don’t let anyone give you a moving company quote over the phone until they have seen for themselves everything you’re planning to move. The bedroom set in your home may weigh substantially more than the one your neighbour has. You may have lots of breakable, decorative items that require special care when packing. Furthermore, most homeowners underestimate the number of possessions they have. The only way to get an accurate moving company quote is by having an experienced mover visit your house to visually inspect your furnishings, possessions and appliances before preparing an estimate.

A Moving Company Quote Is Based On Several Variables

No two moving jobs are alike; at Simcoe Moving, we base our estimates on several variables. For a long-distance move, the weight of your possessions and the distance they will be travelling are the most important criteria. If the move will be less than 150 miles, we’ll factor in the time it takes to pack, load and deliver everything as well as the cost of the labour involved. To ensure that there are no surprises when you reach your destination, we will always review the charges with you before asking you to sign a moving agreement with us. We’re proud of our reputation for providing accurate moving company quotes to our customers and will continue to provide our customers with fair and accurate moving quotes now and in the future.

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