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Unexpected Moving Expenses: Toronto Movers Can Keep The Costs Down

Many people who are planning a long distance move try to save money by doing the work themselves after they get a quote from Toronto movers. Unfortunately, they often miscalculate the true cost of moving because they don’t factor in many of the additional expenses involved. If you think renting a truck, packing your belongings and hitting the road will save you money, consider these unexpected moving expenses:• The cost of renting a truck or trailer as well as fueling it. The gas mileage on rental trucks is poor at best, and it can be terrible after you’ve loaded the trailer with all of your furniture and personal property. Plan on having to stop every few hours to fuel up.

• Hotel expenses. If it’s a long distance move, you’ll need a hotel or motel room each night so you can get a decent night’s sleep before driving again.

• Food and drink on the road. If it takes you three days to get to your new home, that’s three days of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks at restaurants, which will quickly add up, particularly if someone else is riding with you. Toronto movers know you should never drive long distance by yourself if you’re inexperienced. A driving companion, whether it’s your spouse or a friend, is crucial to your safety.

• Damaged goods. Professional Toronto movers will carefully wrap and pack all of your valuables so that they aren’t injured during transit. Are you sure you are packing everything properly? If not, you may discover that you’ll be replacing damaged items when you get to your destination.

• Injuries, particularly back and knee injuries, are common when people are packing and loading their own possessions. You don’t want to end up with a sprained knees or an aching back that will need medical attention. Toronto movers don’t have to worry; they’ve been professionally trained to pack, lift and carry even the heaviest items properly so that they aren’t injured on the job.

After you’ve added up the total potential costs of moving yourself across the country, we’re sure you’ll agree that our Toronto movers are the most economical and stress-free way to handle a long distance move! Call 877-810-1047 to talk to one of our experienced, long distance Toronto movers.