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Hiring Interstate Movers: What Not To Do

Moving across state lines adds an extra level of stress and anxiety compared to a local move. What is the first step in planning for success? Hiring professional interstate movers. A qualified team of reputable interstate movers can streamline your moving day and ensure that all of your belongings arrive safely.

While interstate movers can significantly de-stress your move as a whole, it’s critical to remember that not all moving companies are created alike. Knowing what not to do when hiring a company can help you find the right vendor.

When Sourcing Interstate Movers, Don’t:

Pay Cash

Always discuss payment terms upfront before hiring a moving company. If cash is your only option, it’s a major red flag that you may be working with a less than reputable firm. Don’t risk giving them your money only to never see your belongings again. Continue your search until you find a team that isn’t afraid to have a paper trail associated with your payment.

Sign A Vague Contract

Yes, you will probably want to sign a contract when hiring interstate movers. However, it’s important to not sign anything that isn’t crystal clear. Ask for clarification and determine if there are any other specific fees you may incur during the move, so you have an understanding of how much your move will cost.

Believe You’re Covered…

Don’t believe you’re truly covered unless it’s written in your contract or you ask. Yes, reputable interstate movers will carry insurance; however, it’s still critical to ask in advance before hiring a potential provider. During the screening process always ask if they have up-to-date insurance coverage, so you have peace of mind that your belongings are covered during your long distance move.

Assume You Won’t Be Outsourced

Many people don’t realize that they are actually dealing with a moving broker who will outsource the project to another firm. Always ask during the screening process if a firm is, in fact, a broker. Legally, the have to divulge if they are going to be the ones managing your move or if they will be passing it on to another firm.

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Benefits Of Moving And Storage Companies In Barrie

There’s no getting around – moving is a lot of work. Packing, labeling, transporting, only to unpack once you’ve arrived at your new home. It can be exhausting. Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone (or rely on all your friends and relatives who have better things to do). The best way to minimize the stress and dread of your upcoming move is to hire professional moving and storage companies in Barrie.

Moving And Storage Companies Barrie: Key Advantages

Why should you consider professional moving and storage companies in Barrie? An experienced company that offers both moving and storage can deliver several key advantages to your relocation.

Here are some tips and key advantages to hiring moving and storage companies in Barrie:

Save Money

Most people instantly assume that it will be cheaper to manage their move themselves. However, this isn’t necessarily true. Even if you don’t have to pay professional movers, you will probably have to rent some type of moving truck on moving day. Additionally, trusting your friends and family to move your belongings opens up the risk that someone may break something during transport, leaving you no assurance of replacement. Not the case with a professional mover. A licensed and insured team delivers peace of mind that should anything get damaged, you’re covered.

Save Time

Moving day is time consuming. However, hiring a professional moving company instantly helps minimize how much time you will have to spend relocating all of your belongs. A reputable moving team not only uses experienced movers to expedite the process, they will also provide the very best equipment needed to streamline your entire move from start to finish.

Save Your Back

It’s no secret; moving is physically strenuous. Many people handling their own move actually risk injuring themselves in the process. Moving and storage companies in Barrie eliminate the chance that you may get hurt while getting your belongings to their new home.

Save Your Relationships

Let’s face it – even if you have a crew of family and friends who are willing to help you move, it doesn’t mean that any of them actually want to do it. Using a professional company means you don’t have to ask for their help with moving. Instead, you can save the favor to ask them to help you with the unpacking.


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3 Reasons To Hire Furniture Movers In Barrie

Moving is stressful and time consuming. This is especially true for would-be movers who are dealing with large pieces of furniture. It can be particularly challenging to get everything safely out of your existing home and into your new home. Don’t risk a chaotic moving day into your new home. Partner with professional furniture movers in Barrie to save you precious time and minimize the overall stress of the experience. Professional furniture movers in Barrie offer several key benefits, including:

Equipment: Chances are, you don’t own an industrial-sized moving truck that fits all of your belongings. Professional furniture movers in Barrie do. Beyond the truck, they will also have other gear necessary to coordinate a safe, efficient move of all of your belongings.

Skilled Movers: Moving heavy equipment is hard work. Many people assume that they can manage the process on their own until they realize that the scope is far greater than they had originally anticipated. Worse yet, it’s a far bigger job than what they’ve told their friends and family. You know, the ones they’ve wrangled into the helping them with the move. Working with experienced furniture movers in Barrie eliminates alienating those close to you. A skilled and qualified team of movers will manage all of the heavy lifting for you, so you can save friends and family from the task of unpacking all of your boxes.

Insurance: Most importantly, partnering with reputable furniture movers in Barrie means that you’re project is insured. Managing your mover yourself means you are ultimately responsible for replacing something if it gets broken or damaged in any way during transit. This is a lot of pressure to put on yourself and your inner crew of friends and family. Working with a professional mover eliminates this added stress. Should anything unexpected occur, or your belongings get damaged during the move, you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are covered.

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How To Compare Moving Companies In Barrie

Planning a move in the region starts with finding reputable moving companies in Barrie. Whether you’re moving to a new neighborhood or a new country, finding the right mover can make or break your moving day. Oftentimes, would-be movers only compare one or two moving company quotes in Barrie to another to make a final decision. While pricing is always a major consideration, there are several other factors to consider when comparing movers to entrust with your business. Go beyond the moving company quote in Barrie – enter into the selection process knowing how to do a moving company comparison to pick the right providers for you.

Compare Websites

Start with an online search when comparing various moving companies in Barrie. Does the vendor in question have an updated website? An established web presence can help ensure the company is a viable option for your moving needs and not a fly-by-night organization that may be out of business come moving day. Bonus Tip: While you’re online, take the time to also check out any online reviews available for each individual company. Online reviews are an excellent resource to gather honest feedback from previous customers to determine if a business is professional and reliable.

Compare Service Offerings

Quality moving companies in Barrie will offer a comprehensive range of service capabilities to ensure your move day needs are met. When you contact each company, ask them about their offerings as well as about any unique items you have that may require special attention. Include this in the conversation: discuss the equipment each company has to deliver as part of the services offered.

Compare Moving Labor

Finally, always thoroughly screen and compare each provider. Do they hire their employees directly? Or, do they outsource their labor to contractors? Most importantly, does the company you’re screening provide insurance coverage and workers’ compensation on every job their laborers undertake? Not having insurance and/or workers’ compensation is a definite deal breaker and clear sign you need to continue on with your search for the best moving company in Barrie.


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Yes, It’s Possible: You Can Make Moving Day Fun

Moving with children presents unique challenges. However, it is possible to make move day fun as long as you have a plan going into the process. Here are key ways to make your first day in your new home an enjoyable one for the whole family.

Before The Move

Hire Local Moving Companies

The first step in a fun moving day is getting professional help. Don’t go it alone with your relocation. Hire local moving companies to make the entire process more convenient and less stressful.

Let Kids Help With The Packing

Most parents are surprised to find that even smaller children can lend a helping hand with the packing. Let them. Assign them smaller tasks and reward them as they complete their “jobs” with small tokens. Feeling musical? Make up a song about packing – as silly and off-tune as you’d like – to really get them involved in the process.

Decorate The Boxes

Even kids who are too young to pack know how to apply stickers to boxes. After everything is packed up, go through the boxes and allow them to put colorful stickers on them – anywhere on the packaging is fair game as long as the local moving companies can still see the label on where the box goes on move day.

Put One Large Box Aside

All kids love a large, empty box to play with. Put one aside to let them use their imagination as they play with it. Fort, spaceship, or racecar – the options are virtually endless. Added bonus? The empty box may distract them from the fact that you have to start packing up their actual toys.

After The Move

Camp In

Your kids will probably be tired after a long day of moving. Chances are, you won’t get very far in the unpacking process on that first night – so plan a family evening of indoor camping. Pitch a tent in your living space and use that as a way to christen your first night sleep at your new address. 

Dine Out

No one wants to cook dinner before everything essential gets unpacked. Make a reservation as your family’s favorite restaurant in advance so you can all dine together and relax before attempting to get organized in your new home.

Decorate Together

Eventually, you will have to begin the unpacking process. Getting the little ones involved can make the process far more enjoyable. Allow them to unpack and decorate their room to their liking, or work together on a decoration process in another space to ensure they have fun getting their new home live-in ready.

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4 Ways To Maximize Space In Your New (Smaller) Home

Downsizing. It happens. Whether you’re embarking on a new phase as an empty nester, or are simply tired of having so much space (and stuff!), moving to a new, yet smaller, home can be an ideal solution. However, with downsizing comes some specific planning responsibilities for a successful move. Hiring  top moving companies in Barrie is the first tip in getting your downsize endeavor off on the right foot. Professional and experienced top moving companies in Barrie can ensure the items you decide will come with you get there quickly and safely.

Once you’ve hired top moving companies in Barrie, it’s important to follow a few other key steps to ensure you are maximizing efficiency and space in your new, minimalist lifestyle. Optimize your available square footage by:

Digitizing Documents

Are you currently drowning in papers and documents in your current home? It’s common; however, you do have options. Convert all your paper documents to digital format and store them using a secure online storage unit. Not only will you save space in your new home, you’ll also be saving trees.

Doubling Up On Functionality

Use everyday items to also serve as décor in your new home. For example, if you bring a television with you, purchase one that comes in a designer frame so it also looks like a wall hanging when not in use. Or, use colorful kitchen appliances on your counter to add a visual boost when you’re not cooking.

Designing Storage Options

When it comes to smaller living spaces, success often lies in how things are stored. Consider the layout of your new home to design efficient storage solutions to hold (and hide) the things you want to keep, but don’t always need out and visible. Planning on how to store items can keep your home neat and organized, instantly making it feel more spacious.

Doing One Last Purge

Yes, you get rid of a lot of items before contracting top moving companies in Barrie. However, it’s important to do one final purge before moving day. Go through all of your remaining items and determine what you truly need, and what can be donated or recycled. Arriving with only the most important belongings can help you adjust as quickly as possible in your new environment.

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Getting Ready To Move? Tips To Stay Organized (And Sane)

No matter how much stuff you have, getting ready to move adds stress and commotion to your already busy life. Whether moving up the street, or across the country, you can find yourself struggling to stay on top of the many tasks you need to complete before changing your address. Don’t let the chaos consume you; follow these important strategies to stay organized and sane during your upcoming move.

Hire Professional Movers And Packers In Barrie
Sure, you and your family could probably pack and move everything in your home and relocate it to your new place. But why would you want to? More importantly, why would your friends and family want to? Don’t risk someone you love damaging your belongings and causing an irreparable rift in your relationship; partner with professional movers and packers in Barrie. Hiring movers and packers in Barrie instantly outsources much of packing obligations so you can focus on other, more important responsibilities.

Purge, Purge, Purge
Taking things with you that you’ll never use again is a major waste of time and energy. Refuse to bring junk with you to your new home. Start working through your stuff, room by room to determine which items you will truly want around you in your next home. Everything else can be separated into piles to give away to friends and family, donate to charity, and repurpose/recycle. Going through items one room at a time will help keep you focused and organized.

Don’t Overthink Storage
Many people waste time emptying out every bureau and dresser drawer. Ask your professional moving team if certain items can be shrink-wrapped to streamline the process and make your move as efficient as possible. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about unpacking these items when you arrive. Simply unwrap and it’s move in ready.

Write It Down
The best way to keep yourself organized and sane during a pending move is to write everything down. No one can remember all the important details that require attention when getting ready for a move. Jot down keynotes to make sure nothing critical falls through the cracks throughout the moving process. 

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Moving Companies In Barrie: Know How To Spot Red Flags

Most moving companies in Barrie and throughout the region are ready to help customers with moves of every size and scope. Their primary goal is to help clients transport their belongings from point A to point B with as less stress and inconvenience as possible. While most moving companies in Barrie are on the up and up, it’s always possible to come across a crew that doesn’t have the experience, skill, and motivation you deserve to ensure safe relocation for all of your possessions. Knowing how to identify reputable (and not-so reputable) moving companies in Barrie can ensure you entrust your move to the right provider.

Warning Signs: What To Look For

Pricing is probably the biggest indication that you may be in for a problem with the company you are looking to hire strictly based on a low price. As you go through your list of potential providers, you will always want to ask for a pricing estimate for comparison to other vendors. As you do, beware of moving companies in Barrie who offer project bids far below those of the competition. This can be a major red flag that this firm has excluded key necessities/services required for a successful move, or they may increase the price once the work begins without advanced warning.

Additionally, always proceed with caution with moving companies that seem overly concerned or focused on wanting to lock you into a contract as soon as possible. Once you’ve signed a contract, you have very little recourse if the company you’re working with turns out to be disreputable. Never move forward with a provider until you’ve had an opportunity to check all references and talk to former satisfied customers.

Not having current insurance coverage is also a major warning when working through your list of potential moving companies in Barrie. If a worker gets injured during your move, you may actually be liable for the worker’s compensation expenses. Additionally, you may also be vulnerable to litigation. Don’t take that kind of chance with your relocation. Ask for proof of coverage as soon as you begin the interview process to ensure you have peace of mind as you begin your fresh start at your new home.

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When To Hire Professional Furniture Movers In Barrie

Hiring professional furniture movers in Barrie is an important first step in any successful relocation. Working with a qualified team to do all the heavy lifting on all of your furnishings can minimize stress and inconvenience. Most importantly, professional furniture movers in Barrie can minimize the overall strain on your physical being; hiring a crew to coordinate the lifting eliminates the risk of you getting injured.

While many people know to hire furniture movers in Barrie when relocating, most don’t consider working with a moving team for other projects on their house. There are several other opportunities to bring in a qualified crew of movers to help.

Some Events To Bring In Moving Help Without A Move Include:


Renovations of any size or scope require moving multiple items throughout your house while construction is underway. You may initially feel tempted to pick up larger items or simply push them across the floor to get them out of the way during the renovation. However, a reputable team of movers will quickly and safely relocate everything you need during your home project. Additionally, they will come back once the reno is complete and put all your items back where they belong.

Home Staging

Maybe you’re not ready to move just yet, but you’re thinking about putting your existing house on the market. It’s critical to have your house organized and in tiptop shape in order to sell it for top dollar. A reputable crew will be able to stage your home according to your vision. You simply point them in the right direction and they will execute on your house staging plan.

Room Rearranging

Sometimes we just need to adjust the look and feel of certain rooms. Whether you’re moving large pieces in a single room, or even switching furniture in between several rooms, a professional team of furniture movers in Barrie can streamline and expedite the process.


Are you looking to donate one or two large items? Don’t undertake moving large items on your own. Hire qualified movers to coordinate the process on your behalf to ensure your donated items make it to their new home safely.

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Make Your Move As Easy As Possible

Hiring professional movers in Barrie is the first step in planning a successful relocation. While most people recognize that hiring professional movers in Barrie is a must, many often don’t know what to do next. If you’re coordinating the details of an upcoming move, it’s critical to take charge of the process early to minimize the stress and chaos of changing your address.

After you’ve hired professional movers in Barrie, follow these easy tips to make moving day as convenient as possible:

Pack An Overnight Bag

Moving day may exhaust you. Don’t spend your first night in your new home digging through all your boxes searching for essentials. Pack an overnight bag with some critical items such as toiletries and electronic devices so you have everything you need at arm’s reach.

Separate Essential Household Items

After you’ve packed your important personal belongings, you should consider vital household items. Purchase a clear storage container so you’ll easily find the things you’ll need during your first day/night at your new address. Things such as paper towel, eating utensils, small tools, and cookware can all go into your plastic bin.

Label Boxes

Don’t just list the items packed in each individual box; take the packing process one step further by labeling each box with the room it should be placed in. This ensures that your professional movers in Barrie can quickly bring your belongings to their final destination without having to ask or guess.

Use Sandwich Baggies

Packing up an entire house often means finding a lot of tiny items to store and bring with you. Don’t toss them into a large box and hope you somehow find them again at your new home. Use small sandwich bags to give your smaller items a safe transport.

Take A Picture

Moving into a new space means having to reconfigure all your electronics and the wiring that goes along with it. Don’t reinvent the wheel; take pictures of all your existing cords and wiring, so you have a visual image of how everything needs to be set up in your new home.

Save On Boxes

Repurpose some of your existing belongings into storage containers to save on having to buy boxes. Hampers, baskets, laundry bins, and even suitcases can all be used to pack up some of your belongings in preparation of moving day.

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