How To Choose The Right Moving Company

Knowing how to choose the right moving company can be challenging. With so many providers vying for your business, it can feel tough pinpointing a provider who truly has the experience and skill needed to safely transport all your belonging from point A to point B. Don’t randomly select the first provider that shows up on an online search; instead follow a few simple tips so you know how to choose the right moving company for your upcoming relocation.

Get Referrals

An online search offers you little personal insight on what to expect from a mover. Instead, try reaching out to the people you know and trust to get referrals. Chances are, your personal network has vendors they would recommend as well as providers they would suggest avoiding. It’s a perfect way to start gathering your information prospects.

Narrow It Down To Three

Once you’ve created a list of potential moving companies, narrow it down to three to pursue. This is when online research can help; you can read online reviews and gather information on the companies you’ve been referred to as a way to pinpoint the three companies you’d like to move forward with in the process.

Make Contact

Call each of the three providers on your list to screen them and learn more about the services they offer. Now is the time to ask the tough questions. Inquire about their training, use of subcontractors and type of equipment they will use to manage your move. Most importantly, ask about their insurance coverage. If a moving company doesn’t have insurance, you will want to move on.

Get Estimates

Once you’ve had the opportunity to interview your three vendors, you will want to ask them to send along a price quote based on the information they’ve been provided. Reputable providers will generally want to come to your home to get an accurate gauge on the scope of work your move entails. Having three quotes to compare will give you the information you need to know how to budget for your move.

Book It

It’s important to remember, the estimate isn’t a contract booking your move. Once you’ve made your choice, contact that provider and get on the schedule as soon as possible

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