Hope For The Best, Prepare For The Worst: Cold Weather Residential Moving Tips

Weather is unpredictable, and your moving day may dawn bright, sunny, and moderate. However, it may also be a colder than average day, and your move will be smoother and less stressful if you are prepared for the cold.

It’s best to have a kit ready for the cold weather in case your moving day arrives during winter or an unusually cold day. Simple items that pack down into a bag or that you can discard when the move ends are easy to manage.

Here are some cold weather residential moving tips to create a cold weather kit to keep on hand during your residential move:

  • Keep A Pair Of Work Gloves On-Hand. Make sure you have a good pair of work gloves to protect your hands. Cold hands are easy to injure because muscles and joints stiffen in response to cold, so the gloves will add some warmth and make your grip stronger. Also, cold weather can cause your hands to be less sensitive to feeling, so gloves reduce the risk of cuts or scrapes. Finally, work gloves are easy enough to discard if the weather warms up or the need never arises.
  • Shoes With Sole. Warm weather often encourages light-weight, strappy footwear, but be ready with a work boot or gym shoe for moving day, if the cold weather arrives. The sole will be good for keeping yourself grounded on the pavement, and both types of footwear are worn with socks which will keep you warm. Neither is too bad to wear in warmer weather, so you can get by with these even if the day of your move is sunny and hot.
  • The Magic Of Markers. No, not the kind that you use for coloring, but cones, signs, or other objects that you can use to show the movers where to go. For example, if snow comes, you may need to put down cones, signs or maybe lawn chairs to indicate where your driveway runs or to hold parking for the moving van. Markers are simple supplies you can gather ahead of your residential move, but they may make a difference during cold weather.
  • Windbreaker Weather. Cold weather usually comes with wind, and you should be prepared to keep warm with a wind resistant layer. Don’t pack your winter coat just yet; if you have a coat, keep it ready for moving day. Rain ponchos are good options because they fit over most anything you might wear. Also, keep some tarps available for your furniture. You may need to keep your belongings protected from wind or rain, and you can quickly throw a tarp over boxes or furniture on the way to the truck.

The only constant with weather is its unpredictability, so don’t get caught in the rain unprepared or frozen out by the cold. Pack your cold weather kit for your residential move, and be ready for anything. No matter when you decide to move, let Simcoe Moving to get you there in rain or shine, sleet or snow.

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