How To Compare Moving Companies In Barrie

Planning a move in the region starts with finding reputable moving companies in Barrie. Whether you’re moving to a new neighborhood or a new country, finding the right mover can make or break your moving day. Oftentimes, would-be movers only compare one or two moving company quotes in Barrie to another to make a final decision. While pricing is always a major consideration, there are several other factors to consider when comparing movers to entrust with your business. Go beyond the moving company quote in Barrie – enter into the selection process knowing how to do a moving company comparison to pick the right providers for you.

Compare Websites

Start with an online search when comparing various moving companies in Barrie. Does the vendor in question have an updated website? An established web presence can help ensure the company is a viable option for your moving needs and not a fly-by-night organization that may be out of business come moving day. Bonus Tip: While you’re online, take the time to also check out any online reviews available for each individual company. Online reviews are an excellent resource to gather honest feedback from previous customers to determine if a business is professional and reliable.

Compare Service Offerings

Quality moving companies in Barrie will offer a comprehensive range of service capabilities to ensure your move day needs are met. When you contact each company, ask them about their offerings as well as about any unique items you have that may require special attention. Include this in the conversation: discuss the equipment each company has to deliver as part of the services offered.

Compare Moving Labor

Finally, always thoroughly screen and compare each provider. Do they hire their employees directly? Or, do they outsource their labor to contractors? Most importantly, does the company you’re screening provide insurance coverage and workers’ compensation on every job their laborers undertake? Not having insurance and/or workers’ compensation is a definite deal breaker and clear sign you need to continue on with your search for the best moving company in Barrie.


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