Count On Household Movers In Barrie To Help Plan And Coordinate Overseas Moves

Any kind of household move can be a logistical challenge, but overseas moves can complicate the logistics tenfold. Fortunately, household movers in Barrie can simplify the process by coordinating a move from start to finish.

Step-By-Step Service

Overseas moves require belongings to be carefully inventoried, prepped for the move, transported safely, and delivered in a timely fashion. A moving company can make the process easier by providing the following services:

  • Pre-Move Services. International household movers in Barrie start the relocation process by carefully inventorying belongings and arranging for an appropriately sized container transport. They then prep the possessions for shipping, pack things up for the customer, if desired, and can even arrange for vehicles to be transported overseas.
  • During the Move. Professional movers will pack, prep and transport customer belongings to the shipping location, ready for customs inspection. International household movers in Barrie should be able to provide their customers with the appropriate Customs forms and documentation needed ahead of time to ensure smooth shipping. If everything has been filled out properly there is no need for the customer to accompany the shipment through customs.
  • Receipt and Unloading. It’s important to work with a moving company that has sister services in the destination country. The process of coordinating the pick-up and transport or storage of your belongings will be easier and you’ll only have to deal with one company service center.
  • Destination Services. Make sure the company you choose has the destination services you need. If you will want help with more than simple delivery, such as unwrapping and unpacking your belongings, make sure these services are offered.

Planning an international move requires careful planning and coordination. Don’t leave it to chance when you can count on Simcoe’s household movers in Barrie to manage the details for you. We work within a global network of 1,200 representatives in every major metropolitan area in the world. For more information on how we can coordinate your overseas move, contact us at 877-810-1047 or at

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