Hiring Interstate Movers: What Not To Do

Moving across state lines adds an extra level of stress and anxiety compared to a local move. What is the first step in planning for success? Hiring professional interstate movers. A qualified team of reputable interstate movers can streamline your moving day and ensure that all of your belongings arrive safely.

While interstate movers can significantly de-stress your move as a whole, it’s critical to remember that not all moving companies are created alike. Knowing what not to do when hiring a company can help you find the right vendor.

When Sourcing Interstate Movers, Don’t:

Pay Cash

Always discuss payment terms upfront before hiring a moving company. If cash is your only option, it’s a major red flag that you may be working with a less than reputable firm. Don’t risk giving them your money only to never see your belongings again. Continue your search until you find a team that isn’t afraid to have a paper trail associated with your payment.

Sign A Vague Contract

Yes, you will probably want to sign a contract when hiring interstate movers. However, it’s important to not sign anything that isn’t crystal clear. Ask for clarification and determine if there are any other specific fees you may incur during the move, so you have an understanding of how much your move will cost.

Believe You’re Covered…

Don’t believe you’re truly covered unless it’s written in your contract or you ask. Yes, reputable interstate movers will carry insurance; however, it’s still critical to ask in advance before hiring a potential provider. During the screening process always ask if they have up-to-date insurance coverage, so you have peace of mind that your belongings are covered during your long distance move.

Assume You Won’t Be Outsourced

Many people don’t realize that they are actually dealing with a moving broker who will outsource the project to another firm. Always ask during the screening process if a firm is, in fact, a broker. Legally, the have to divulge if they are going to be the ones managing your move or if they will be passing it on to another firm.

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