How A Full Service Moving Company Can Make Long Distance Moving Less Stressful

Long distance moving is stressful! There’s quite a few things to think about, including selling your home or getting a rented home or apartment back into move-in condition, lessening the stress on pets and kids and deciding whether you’re going to ship your car or drive it yourself. That doesn’t even touch one of the most time-consuming parts of long distance moving — the packing! Instead of tackling this all by yourself, consider hiring a full service moving company to make long distance moving easier on your entire family.Reason #1: Long Distance Moving Companies Will Take Care Of Everything

The biggest benefit of using a long distance moving company is that they’ll come in, pack everything and load it onto the truck for you. This includes furniture, clothing, kitchenware and everything in between. They’ll likely wrap mattresses, couches and other furniture items with large sheets of plastic or moving blankets to protect them against dust and dirt and even use special wardrobe boxes so your clothing can go from your old to new closet without a lot of fuss.

Reason #2: Long Distance Moving Companies Will Handle Your Items Carefully

Do you have your grandmother’s china? A prized flat screen television? If you have items that mean a lot to you, point them out to your movers. Although they will take care of all your belongings, they will pack breakables and sentimental items with extra care. This can include using extra packing paper as cushioning for your china and even putting your television in a big crate to protect it further. Because they’re experts, they’ll know just how to protect your prized possessions.

Reason #3: Long Distance Moving Companies Will Dismantle And Rebuild Furniture

It can be a pain to take apart bed frames or other furniture pieces, but even more of a pain to put them together before you can crash for the night in your new home. A long distance moving company will take care of the dismantlement and rebuilding so all you need to do is put on new bed linens before you can get that much needed night’s sleep.

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