International Movers Suggest Ways to Make Moving Easier on Children

Whether you’ve been offered a career opportunity you can’t pass up or you’ve decided to move your family overseas for the cultural experience, international movers know that it can be difficult for the whole family. Younger members of the family in particular can suffer from stress and apprehension when faced with leaving their home country. Our international movers have put together several tips to make the transition from one culture to another easier for everyone.Kids May Not Want To Move

International moving may seem like a romantic adventure to Mom and Dad, but kids are more likely to think of it as a sentence; they’ll be leaving behind extended family, friends and their routines for an unknown country where they may feel out of place. Acknowledge their sense of loss and let them grieve in their own way. Over time, they’ll become more enthusiastic if you encourage them to research their new home country and share the information with family and friends.

Communication today makes it easy for people to stay in touch around the globe. Investing in a VOIP system that lets family members and friends chat via video, instant messaging and emails is an excellent way to keep in touch.

Make Children Part Of The International Moving Process

As one of the finest international moving companies in Canada, we’ve moved hundreds of families overseas. One common thread running through successful moves is participation in the process. Let your children choose what things are most important to take with them and suggest that they have a yard sale to get rid of items they don’t need. They can then use that money to buy themselves something special in their new home. The more they become part of the process, the less they will feel like the move is beyond their control.

Remember That Pets Are Family

International moving can be difficult for animals, but in many instances a loved family pet can be safely transported overseas. If your children have a dog or cat they’d like to take with them, check with the consulate in your new home country about requirements for vaccinations, health records and any other paperwork well in advance of your move date so you have time to get everything processed. Most airlines offer special pet transport rates for international moving. If you’re going to take your pet, be sure to explain any quarantine restrictions to your children so they aren’t disappointed when they get to their new home and discover that they’ll have to wait a few weeks or months to get their dog or cat.

By acknowledging your children’s fears and addressing them openly, your international moving experience can be a pleasant one.

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