Make Your Move As Easy As Possible

Hiring professional movers in Barrie is the first step in planning a successful relocation. While most people recognize that hiring professional movers in Barrie is a must, many often don’t know what to do next. If you’re coordinating the details of an upcoming move, it’s critical to take charge of the process early to minimize the stress and chaos of changing your address.

After you’ve hired professional movers in Barrie, follow these easy tips to make moving day as convenient as possible:

Pack An Overnight Bag

Moving day may exhaust you. Don’t spend your first night in your new home digging through all your boxes searching for essentials. Pack an overnight bag with some critical items such as toiletries and electronic devices so you have everything you need at arm’s reach.

Separate Essential Household Items

After you’ve packed your important personal belongings, you should consider vital household items. Purchase a clear storage container so you’ll easily find the things you’ll need during your first day/night at your new address. Things such as paper towel, eating utensils, small tools, and cookware can all go into your plastic bin.

Label Boxes

Don’t just list the items packed in each individual box; take the packing process one step further by labeling each box with the room it should be placed in. This ensures that your professional movers in Barrie can quickly bring your belongings to their final destination without having to ask or guess.

Use Sandwich Baggies

Packing up an entire house often means finding a lot of tiny items to store and bring with you. Don’t toss them into a large box and hope you somehow find them again at your new home. Use small sandwich bags to give your smaller items a safe transport.

Take A Picture

Moving into a new space means having to reconfigure all your electronics and the wiring that goes along with it. Don’t reinvent the wheel; take pictures of all your existing cords and wiring, so you have a visual image of how everything needs to be set up in your new home.

Save On Boxes

Repurpose some of your existing belongings into storage containers to save on having to buy boxes. Hampers, baskets, laundry bins, and even suitcases can all be used to pack up some of your belongings in preparation of moving day.

If you’re looking for professional movers in Barrie, we can help. Contact Simcoe Movers today for your risk-free moving estimate.

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