Moving Companies In Barrie: Know How To Spot Red Flags

Most moving companies in Barrie and throughout the region are ready to help customers with moves of every size and scope. Their primary goal is to help clients transport their belongings from point A to point B with as less stress and inconvenience as possible. While most moving companies in Barrie are on the up and up, it’s always possible to come across a crew that doesn’t have the experience, skill, and motivation you deserve to ensure safe relocation for all of your possessions. Knowing how to identify reputable (and not-so reputable) moving companies in Barrie can ensure you entrust your move to the right provider.

Warning Signs: What To Look For

Pricing is probably the biggest indication that you may be in for a problem with the company you are looking to hire strictly based on a low price. As you go through your list of potential providers, you will always want to ask for a pricing estimate for comparison to other vendors. As you do, beware of moving companies in Barrie who offer project bids far below those of the competition. This can be a major red flag that this firm has excluded key necessities/services required for a successful move, or they may increase the price once the work begins without advanced warning.

Additionally, always proceed with caution with moving companies that seem overly concerned or focused on wanting to lock you into a contract as soon as possible. Once you’ve signed a contract, you have very little recourse if the company you’re working with turns out to be disreputable. Never move forward with a provider until you’ve had an opportunity to check all references and talk to former satisfied customers.

Not having current insurance coverage is also a major warning when working through your list of potential moving companies in Barrie. If a worker gets injured during your move, you may actually be liable for the worker’s compensation expenses. Additionally, you may also be vulnerable to litigation. Don’t take that kind of chance with your relocation. Ask for proof of coverage as soon as you begin the interview process to ensure you have peace of mind as you begin your fresh start at your new home.

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