Not All Moving Companies In Ontario Offer Full Coverage Insurance For Your Belongings

Do you know what your furnishings, personal property, appliances and wardrobe are worth? If you don’t, many moving companies in Ontario can take advantage of you if some or all of your property is damaged or lost during a move. Many homeowners are shocked to discover that the beautiful, antique dresser they thought was insured by their moving company is only worth a fraction of its actual value when it is damaged in transit.

Moving Companies In Ontario Don’t All Offer The Same Coverage

Once you’ve chosen a mover, be sure to ask them what kind of insurance coverage they offer for items they are packing and shipping for you. Most of them will reassure you that you are "fully covered," but that may not mean what you think. For many moving companies in Ontario, full coverage simply means all of your property (not just some of it) is insured; it doesn’t indicate that each item is insured for its full value.

Simcoe Moving & Storage Offers Two Kinds Of Coverage

At Simcoe Moving & Storage, we offer two different kinds of insurance coverage and clearly explain each one so that you can make an informed decision. Option 1 is the most common and is offered by most moving companies in Ontario. This gives you basic compensation for damaged or lost goods at the rate of $.60 per pound for each article. If you prefer fuller coverage, you can opt for Option 2, which offers full replacement value for all of your possessions. This replacement value protection means you’ll get coverage up to the full, declared value of your shipment, including full replacement value for each item injured or lost. We’ve explained Options 1 & 2 in detail on our moving valuation page.

When you’re searching for moving companies in Ontario, be sure to ask them what kind of insurance coverage they offer for any lost or damaged items. Also ask them to explain in detail what is and is not covered under their policies and calculate whether it will fully protect your possessions so that you won’t get an unpleasant surprise if part of your shipment is damaged or lost.

If you still have questions about insurance coverage for your valuables, call Simcoe Moving & Storage at 1-877-810-1047. We’ll be happy to answer all your moving questions.

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