Why Hire Moving And Storage Companies In Barrie

When relocating, it’s important to put together a plan for success. Many people often just focus on finding a quality moving company to handle their needs. They screen countless providers to get all of their items to their new location. Unfortunately, they often don’t think about whether all of their belongings can actually be placed in their new home. They realize too far into the process that some things will require storage for various lengths of time. As a result, they find themselves struggling to find storage companies in Barrie in addition to their procured moving services.

Find Quality Storage Companies In Barrie

If you are planning a move in the Barrie area, don’t risk not having all the services you need on your big day. When screening various prospects, ensure that you are calling only moving and storage companies in Barrie. Finding a reputable provider that offers both critical services means that no matter what happens on moving day, you will be in capable hands.

When discussing your needs, discuss the type of storage services offered. Ask the potential provider about their facility to gain an understanding about the safety and security of your belongings. Quality vendors will provider a large, heated warehouse. Additionally, you should expect fire sprinklers in the building. During your discussion, you should also ask specifics about how your items will be stored. Will they be palletized to keep them off the ground in case of flooding? Will all of your items be stored together? You will also want to discuss how and when you can access your items. High-end moving and storage companies in Barrie provide added security at their warehouse. This often means clients must make an appointment when needing access to their items.

Finally, you will want to discuss storage duration as well as rate for services. Most vendors will require a one-time handling fee with subsequent monthly fees. Ask for a written proposal so you understand exactly what to expect for as long as your items will require storage.

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Find The Best Moving Services In Barrie

Moving to a new home, while an exciting event, is often extremely stressful. Transporting all of your personal belonging means worrying about them arriving at your new address safely. Finding the best moving services in Barrie can help minimize the overall anxiety you’ll feel getting all of your worldly goods to your new home.

What To Look For When Sourcing Moving Services In Barrie

When it’s time to start sourcing moving services in Barrie, it’s important to put together a list of what you should look for and expect for success. As you start calling local providers, look for important service differentiators to help you during the decision making process. Many vendors offer a standardize set of capabilities; however, elite providers will go above and beyond and provide distinctive services such as a Moving Consultant to guarantee your satisfaction remains their top priority. A Moving Consultant is someone assigned to your move to manage the logistics and ensure a seamless experience from start to finish. Working with a team that offers this type of amenity delivers ultimate peace of mind.

The estimate process can also help you pinpoint the best moving services in Barrie. Don’t settle for blanket quotes from companies that don’t ask specifics about your move. Quality providers will ask questions about the size of your move so they can assign the right number of workers to your job. Additionally, they will discuss other key factors such as number of rooms in your home, storage articles, and if you require larger items, such as appliances to be transported. You may also be asked if you are moving to or from an apartment or condo so they can gauge if flights of stairs and elevators will be part of the move. All of these factors can have an impact on your estimate. Finally, never accept a verbal quote. Quality providers will present a written estimate so you know exactly what to expect throughout the moving process.

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Find Quality Moving Services In Barrie

Sourcing professional moving services in Barrie doesn’t have to be a frustrating endeavor. It’s possible to quickly and effectively find the right movers for your relocation. Don’t simply settle for the first company that comes up during a web search; instead arm yourself with the information you will need to choose your movers wisely.

What To Ask When Interviewing Potential Moving Services In Barrie

When talking to prospective vendors, keep a list of must-ask questions nearby so you discuss the most salient points of the vetting process. The first item on your checklist list should be to find out how long has the company been in operation. Knowing the history of the company can help establish its authenticity and guarantee you aren’t working with a fly-by-night company.

Once you’ve determined that the company has a longstanding work history, you will want to discuss the employees who will be sent to your home. Does the company perform background checks on staff? Have they trained their personnel? Make sure that you will only have qualified workers handling your belongings. You will also want to ensure the firm you hire will not transfer your property to another crew or company during your move.

Insurance is also a major must-have when hiring moving services in Barrie. Ask about the type of coverage offered for your job. You may also want to determine if they offer a dispute settlement program in the event that something unexpected happens during your move. Now is the time to talk about storage fees as well. Many companies will offer storage for overflow items/things that don’t fit into your new home. However, oftentimes, free storage is only for a set amount of time and you will have to pay to keep your belongings vaulted after that period.

Finally, when vetting various companies, discuss your moving date. Chances are, your moving date is non-negotiable on your end. You will want to talk to the company and ensure that they can guarantee your date so you don’t get a last minute call that your job has been bumped to a different day.

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Moving Company Quotes: What To Expect

Even a short distance move can benefit from professional movers to managing the job. Qualified teams of movers can quickly and efficiently manage the mountain of belongings you and your family have acquired throughout the years. Most importantly, moving companies have the skill and experience needed to get your items to your new home safely.

However, with so many moving companies vying for your business, finding the right provider can be challenging. It’s important to properly screen prospective vendors to ensure you choose the best mover for your specific job. During the screening process, it’s critical to ask for moving company quotes.

Moving Company Quotes: What Your Provider Will Discuss

Discussing move services as well as final estimate will give you the information you’ll need to make the right final selection. A potential provider will ask questions and offer insight on various services to give you a proper quote. When vetting a company, ask for a full explanation of their capabilities. You will get to hear about their process as well as learn about the solutions they offer customers. This is also the time to address any specific issues or concerns you have regarding your move.

The time needed to complete your move is always a major consideration. A qualified mover will also want to discuss your delivery timeframe using the Transit Time Guide. This industry standard chart establishes how much time will be needed to complete your relocation, a major component in any moving company quotes.

Additionally, you will also want to discuss any current promotions and discounts available to you from prospective movers. Some will offer product-based specials, while others may include service-related discounts. Existing price reductions should be included in your final estimate as well.

Get A Written Estimate Outlining Services And Costs

Once you’ve discussed these factors with a company, you should expect a written quote outlining the details of your job. Always ask for your estimate in writing. Having a printed estimate will allow you to go over all the specific services you should expect as well as the costs you will incur.

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Questions To Ask Household Movers In Barrie

Finding quality household movers in Barrie requires a little planning and preparation. Yes, you will find a slew of moving companies claiming "expertise" and "professionalism." However, it’s important to really vet any prospective household movers in Barrie to ensure you get exactly what is promised.

Come Prepared To Find The Best Household Movers In Barrie

Come into the screening process armed with a few key questions to make sure you partner with the best possible professional in your area. Start with their operational history and ask them how long they’ve been in business. This will lead to a conversation about their employee policies. Some critical inquiries about the staff who will manage your job include:

  • Are staff members temp workers or directly hired by company?
  • Does the firm perform a background check on all hired help?
  • Do employees have specific training/certification?
  • Is the provider insured for injuries that may occur?


Next, talk about the evaluation process regarding your move. How will the team estimate the cost of your job? A skilled and qualified firm will always provide an on-site, in-person assessment of what you have to move. This is the best way to ensure you only pay for services that you need and aren’t paying a lump sum for things you don’t.

You will also want to ask about a binding estimate in writing. A binding estimate outlines exactly what the vendor will provide and guarantees your final cost. Non-binding estimates are exactly what they sound like: a "guestimate" proposal that may change. You will have to roll the dice to see if non-binding estimates change in your favor…or not.

Finally, always discuss payment terms before moving forward with a specific vendor. You will never want to pay for the move entirely in advance. A small deposit may be required, but the bulk of the payment should be rendered after services are provided to guarantee you are completely satisfied with your household movers in Barrie.

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Top Reasons Local Moving Companies Are A Must For Your Move

Relocating anywhere proves a stressful experience. With so many factors to coordinate, even the most organized individual can quickly find themselves overwhelmed with his specific moving details. Still, many attempt to manage the moving process on their own, especially for "local" moves.

Embrace The Benefits Of Local Moving Companies

No matter how far (or close) your next home is from your current location, it’s important to hire local moving companies to help. Local moving companies yield an impressive range of benefits to ensure that your relocation experience is as convenient and stress-free as possible.

The first critical advantage those moving realize is just how streamlined a professional company makes the entire process. A skilled and qualified provider will come to your home to evaluate your specific needs. From there, they will put together a personalized quote outlining costs, eliminating the need for you to piece together a plan on your own.

Handling your own move can also prove a major time (and energy) drain. You will have to plan for help packing up various vehicles, ensure everything is safely secured in the trucks, and then have to hope for the best as you make your way to your new home. Professional local moving companies arrive ready to do everything for you. Best of all, they not only pack up the trucks, they also unpack everything and put boxes in designated rooms to make the unpacking process simple.

Most importantly, using professional, local moving companies delivers peace of mind. Safely transporting of all your possessions and valuables is a major undertaking that can cause significant anxiety when doing it all on your own. Working with a qualified, insured team is the best way to know that all of your things will arrive safely and securely.

Vet Local Moving Companies

When finding the right professional firm for your move, it’s important to remember that not all movers are the same. Screen prospects carefully, always ask about insurance, and always get your proposal in writing. For more information about professional moving services, contact the team at Simcoe Moving today.

Keep Stress Low With Best Moving Companies In Barrie

Moving to a new place is exciting…but it can also be stressful. Packing up and transporting all of your personal belongings adds an entire new dimension of anxiety to the process. Finding the best moving companies in Barrie can help keep your move on track and keep your stress levels to a minimum.

Know What To Look For In Best Moving Companies In Barrie

Word of mouth from your personal network is an excellent way to find the best moving companies in Barrie. Ask friends and post on social media to find out which businesses people you know have used. When you do get a referral, be sure to ask about their specific experience with the company to give you a solid understanding of what can expect during the move.

You will also want to consider years of operational experience when choosing your vendor. Moves can be a very complicated process. Choosing a team that has worked extensively in the moving industry with a proven performance record can make a major difference in streamlining your project.

Comprehensive service offerings are also something to look for when choosing the best moving companies in Barrie. Some movers will only pick up already-packed boxes and transport from point A to point B. However, a diverse team will offer other services to keep your stress levels at a minimum. Ask about key capabilities such as professional packing and even storage/delayed delivery to know you are working with a firm that wants to make the process as easy as possible for you.

Finally, only partner with a provider that delivers a detailed project estimate in writing. A reputable firm will want to schedule a free project estimate before your moving day. This free estimate will involve them taking careful inventory on the scope of your project. Once they know what the move entails, they will provide a written estimate so you will know costs and time needed to make your move a success.

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Find The Right Long Distance Moving Companies

Everyone knows that a long distance move can be stressful. However, many people are surprised to find out that the stress doesn’t start on move day…it starts trying to find the right long distance moving companies. With so many to choose from, many struggle to find one worthy of their business.

Fortunately, it is possible to pick the right long distance moving company. No matter how far away your new home is, keeping a few key tips in mind will allow you the insight you need to make a solid final choice that reduces stress, not enhances it.

When choosing long distance moving companies, look for:

Free Estimate – Reputable long distance moving companies will never charge for an initial estimate. Instead, a rep will contact you to discuss your schedule and pinpoint a convenient time for your consultation. The team will arrive prepared to evaluate the scope of the move as well as provide a written estimate of what the job will entail and (most importantly) cost.

Innovative Moving Plans – Leading long distance moving companies will never offer a one-size-fits-all moving solution. Instead, they will create an innovative plan customized to your specific move. The team will offer a wide range of services, including professionally packing your items. Additionally, they will map out the route they will take to get you from point A to point B as quickly as possible.

Storage & Delayed Delivery – Moving far away often means not knowing what you can and cannot bring with you right away. Some movers require everything be transported at the same time. However, quality movers will also offer services for storage and delayed delivery. Referred to as "container service" these businesses will carefully store your personal effects for you in your own container so they aren’t handled again until you are ready for them. Delayed delivery can have a set time limit, so be sure to ask your provider how long they will store your items for you.

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How Long Will It Take Long Distance Movers In Barrie To Pack Up Your Belongings?

When you pack and move your household belongings yourself, it’s not uncommon to start months before the big day. If you’re not able to take time off work, your packing can be limited to nights and weekends, which can make it even more difficult to complete this task.

If you’re looking for ways to make moving easier and less stressful, consider hiring long distance movers in Barrie. You might be surprised to learn how quickly long distance movers in Barrie can have your entire home packed up and ready to move.

How Quickly Can Professional Long Distance Movers In Barrie Pack Your Home?

While it can vary depending what type of belongings you have, typically two professional movers can pack up a 1000 square foot apartment or house in under six hours. A few days before your movers arrive, they should stop by and take an inventory of your belongings. This will allow your long distance movers in Barrie to know what type of supplies they need to bring, including wardrobe boxes, extra packing paper to protect breakables or lots of small boxes for your book collection.

How To Make Packing Easier On Your Long Distance Movers In Barrie

If you want to make the process go even more smoothly, do a little preparation before your movers arrive. Try to make sure that your belongings are all in their correct rooms — you don’t want shoes scattered throughout your living room because that’s where they’ll end up at the other end as well! Also take care to write down the serial numbers of your electronics and clean out your refrigerator, dishwasher, washer, dryer and other major appliances. If there are clothes in your washing machine, that’s where they’ll stay for your move, leaving you with moldy clothes to rewash when you move into your new home!

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What Household Movers In Barrie Want You To Do To Prepare Your Appliances For The Move

When you’re moving with your home’s appliances, preparing them is a little more complicated than just unplugging them. Before you have them packed up, use these tips from household movers in Barrie to ensure that they’re ready to move.

How Household Movers In Barrie Want You To Prepare Your Refrigerator

If you’re moving your refrigerator, it’s important that you clean it out and unplug it about 48 hours before the movers arrive. This will give the fridge plenty of time to cool down and will allow the freezer portion to defrost entirely. Don’t forget to clean it out and pack up the shelves so they don’t become damaged during the move.

How Household Movers In Barrie Want You To Prepare Your Washing Machine

Your washing machine also needs special attention before you move. Household movers in Barrie are working on a short time frame to get your belongings from your old house to your new one, so you should take care to drain the hose before they arrive. Pack up the hose and other moveable parts and place them in an easily accessible place so they can be reassembled quickly when you arrive at your new home.

How Household Movers In Barrie Want You To Prepare Your Oven

Ovens will sometimes stay with a home, but if you’re taking yours, make sure that it’s disconnected properly. If you have a gas oven, you’ll need to shut off the gas before you disconnect the gas line. A gas leak can be quite dangerous so if you’re not sure how to do this, you may want to call a professional to ensure it’s done correctly.

Household movers in Barrie can make your move go smoothly, whether you’re moving across town or across the country. To learn more about Simcoe Moving, please call 877-810-1047 or visit our website.