Ready, Set, Move! Packing Tips That Can Help Make Your Move A Positive Experience

Here at Simcoe Moving, as a leading provider of full service movers, we understand that each of our clients bring with them a distinctive range of moving requirements and preferences. Yes, many of our customers tap into the benefits delivered by our experienced, full service movers. They rely on our team of experts to effectively manage every component of their move; from wrapping and packing to transporting and setting up, our full service movers can make quick work out of even the most complex moving situation.

Managing The Packing On Your Own: Set Yourself Up For Success

Of course, not everyone is looking for full service movers to manage the entire process for them. At Simcoe Moving we often work with clients who want to coordinate packing their belongings on their own and allow our specialists to take care of all the heavy lifting for them. If that sounds like your current moving situation, read on — understanding a few packing tips and pointers can help ensure that you’re setting yourself up for optimal moving success. When packing your items, consider these suggestions:

It’s never too soon: To start packing up your items. As soon as you know a move is imminent, start packaging up items that you know you won’t need or be using.

Label, label, label: Always put clearly marked labels on every box (on both top and sides!) to ensure that your movers can quickly bring the right boxes to their right final destination.

Separate your belongings by room: This helps minimize the risk and inconvenience of mixing items from various rooms into the same box. Packing by room can save a significant amount of time in the long run.

Seal your packages: In addition to using the interlocking box tops found on moving cartons, always use packing tape to further them seal as an extra precautionary method.

Protect your breakables: Always pack fragile items over a soft surface. This helps minimize the chance an object will break if it’s accidentally dropped during the packing process.

Last in/first out: Keep the boxes that hold items you’ll need immediately in your new home aside and ask your movers to pack them last in the truck; having them packed last means that they’ll be accessible as one of the first items out of the van so you can begin using them as soon as possible.

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