Four Reasons Why Simcoe Moving Is The Go To Choice For Cottage Movers In Muskoka

Do you have a water access only property in the Muskoka region? Have you been struggling trying to move various items and furnishings into this residence with little (or no) success? You may want to consider using Simcoe Moving and our superior staff of highly-skilled and trained cottage movers in Muskoka.

Service Differentiators: How Simcoe Moving Stands Apart From Other Cottage Movers In Muskoka

Here at Simcoe Moving, we understand that moving items to and from a water access only property requires a distinctive set of skills, experience and service offerings and must be approached differently than more traditional movers. Simcoe Moving offers a comprehensive range of service differentiators for owners in cottage country to ensure that our clients enjoy a stress-free and seamless moving experience, including:

Trained and certified personnel: Most clients don’t realize that their cottage movers in Muskoka require specialized training and certification. Our team of moving experts all hold the required personnel training and have received training in the very latest water move techniques to deliver optimal peace of mind to our valued customers.

Sourcing a barge equipment provider: A water access only move will often require the use of local barge equipment. Working with us means you’ll never have to waste precious time trying to source a qualified barge equipment company on your own. Simcoe Moving will do the research on your behalf to find the best provider in your area.

Renting the barge equipment you need: Additionally, our team of experienced cottage movers works to understand the specific scope of your moving project. We use this knowledge to only procure exactly what you’ll need to make your move efficient and successful.

Insurance certificates for your goods: Finally, due to the complex nature of a water move, it’s imperative to properly insure our clients’ belongings. Simcoe Moving not only offers written confirmation about our insured trucks and equipment, we also partner with other vendors who hold adequate insurance certification to ensure our clients have the coverage they need throughout the moving process.

Want to hear more about our skilled and professional cottage movers in Muskoka? Contact the team at Simcoe Moving to speak directly with a representative today.

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