Moving Soon? Using Local Moving Companies Vs A DIY Move

If you’re moving, you’re probably already wondering just how you’re going to get all your belongings from point A to point B. Most people complete their move one of two ways. If you’re not sure what is better for you, learn about the benefits of completing a DIY move and hiring local moving companies to do the heavy lifting for you.

Benefits Of DIY Moves

One of the biggest benefits of moving yourself is that it can be less expensive than hiring local moving companies. Before the move, it’s not uncommon for people to gather their friends and loved ones and beg for help in moving heavy furniture and priceless belongings. However, what happens if no one shows up on the day of your move? You’ll be stuck doing everything yourself, which could be nearly impossible if you have heavy furniture that requires more than one person to move it.

Additionally, you may need to factor the cost of renting a truck, as well as food and drink costs to show your gratitude towards your friends and loved ones. These expenses can really add up, making the low cost of your DIY move not so low cost anymore.

Benefits Of Local Moving Companies

The major benefit of hiring local moving companies is that you won’t have to do much heavy lifting! The movers will load your furniture onto their truck, drive it to your new home and then unload it — all you need to do is direct them where everything needs to go.

Local moving companies will also have the right equipment to protect your furniture. If you have your Grandmother’s china cabinet, what happens if a well-meaning friend accidentally scratches it? Local moving companies will be able to wrap your furniture in protective materials to make sure that everything stays safe.

If you’re considering local moving companies, give Simcoe Moving a call at 877-810-1047 or visit our website to learn more about our services.

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