Winter Moving Tips For Relocation Success

As if moving to a new home wasn’t chaotic enough – along comes the cold winter weather to make your relocation even more challenging. If you find yourself in the midst of move during this frigid season, fret not. Knowing a few proven winter moving tips can help you streamline the process and plan for success.

Key winter moving tips include:

Confirm With Your Movers

Winter is actually the off-season for moving companies, so you should have easier access to the moving crew you want, on the date you need. Just be sure to confirm with your movers a week in advance as well as the day before your scheduled move to ensure everything is set to go.

Check The Weather

The weather is the biggest variable in your winter move…and the one thing you’ll have the least control over. However, you’ll still want to keep a steady eye on what’s happening outside when planning your move. If there’s an impending storm on the radar, contact your moving company to make sure there will be no unexpected delays or to discuss if you should consider changing your date entirely.

Protect Your Floors

Even if you don’t move during a storm, the snow that has already fallen can make your relocation messy, wet, and dirty. Protect both your current and future address by covering your floors before the movers arrive. Placing tarps down on the floors can make a major impact on minimizing mess from people tracking in dirt and grime.

Clear The Sidewalks

Nothing ruins a move faster than an injury. Snow and ice on sidewalks and walkways can prove dangerous, both to your movers as well as anyone else helping with your relocation. Clear the walking areas at your current home as well as in front of your new home to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Have Something Warm Waiting

Prepare something in your crockpot the evening before your move that you can plug in as soon as you arrive at your new address. Feeding your family something warm after moving is the perfect way to end your day.

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