Yes, It’s Possible: You Can Make Moving Day Fun

Moving with children presents unique challenges. However, it is possible to make move day fun as long as you have a plan going into the process. Here are key ways to make your first day in your new home an enjoyable one for the whole family.

Before The Move

Hire Local Moving Companies

The first step in a fun moving day is getting professional help. Don’t go it alone with your relocation. Hire local moving companies to make the entire process more convenient and less stressful.

Let Kids Help With The Packing

Most parents are surprised to find that even smaller children can lend a helping hand with the packing. Let them. Assign them smaller tasks and reward them as they complete their “jobs” with small tokens. Feeling musical? Make up a song about packing – as silly and off-tune as you’d like – to really get them involved in the process.

Decorate The Boxes

Even kids who are too young to pack know how to apply stickers to boxes. After everything is packed up, go through the boxes and allow them to put colorful stickers on them – anywhere on the packaging is fair game as long as the local moving companies can still see the label on where the box goes on move day.

Put One Large Box Aside

All kids love a large, empty box to play with. Put one aside to let them use their imagination as they play with it. Fort, spaceship, or racecar – the options are virtually endless. Added bonus? The empty box may distract them from the fact that you have to start packing up their actual toys.

After The Move

Camp In

Your kids will probably be tired after a long day of moving. Chances are, you won’t get very far in the unpacking process on that first night – so plan a family evening of indoor camping. Pitch a tent in your living space and use that as a way to christen your first night sleep at your new address. 

Dine Out

No one wants to cook dinner before everything essential gets unpacked. Make a reservation as your family’s favorite restaurant in advance so you can all dine together and relax before attempting to get organized in your new home.

Decorate Together

Eventually, you will have to begin the unpacking process. Getting the little ones involved can make the process far more enjoyable. Allow them to unpack and decorate their room to their liking, or work together on a decoration process in another space to ensure they have fun getting their new home live-in ready.

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